Thursday, 10 December 2015

A letter to my Mother

After years of sleepless nights, and being tormented with worries and memories,
dreamless hazy thoughts and one or two hour snoozes of questions,
after countless moments of anguish which claws at my core,
I seek you,
I need you,
to reach you... and make me whole.

In this ever-changing, pulsating, living Universe,
where the unseen atoms collide,
in each speck of our finite beings,
where the fathomless, formless reside....

I pray to you, my sweet Ma,
come and hold me for a heartbeat,
when "Change is the only constant,...." they say...
Let all inconsistencies in me

Our core continually transmutes into constantly evolving manifestations
of THAT which WAS,
and IS.....
and forever WILL BE.
Why, then, do I sink in the present
when the past has been cast?

As a body sheds a garment
did your soul shed the body
amidst all the recent torment,
I break alone,
and shatter....

You teach me,
with ever moment of life going by,
you reach me, Ma,
your gentle being touches my soul,
in your sweet, divine embrace one day...
some day....
my restless spirit will reach her goal.

for you, Maa
15th October 1948- 30th April 1995
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