Saturday, 14 September 2013

Heal the world...


Heal the World
When I think, see, hear or read,
I see a world steeped in pure greed
It hurts and rankles,
as they carve the wound,
It makes us deaf
to the whimpers around...

Where girls are killed, or maimed or looted,
and society watches helplessly rooted
When problems are burdens on their innocent soul,
insurmountably large for a fractured whole

I pray.
With Love and He does bless,
I derive strength from simple goodness
From the littlest of things
the tiniest of beings...

I marvel.
At His glory and Love for us all,
I scatter the seeds of a promising song.
A FUTURE replete with hope and positivity,
where everyone does a little bit more,
making a tiny bit of difference-
sharing their gifts of abundance and plenty...

I hope.
That the day will arrive when equality is unquestionable.
Not so much a matter of choice but a duty of Humanity.
When everyone helps and looks after the 'others'
no matter how small or simple the contribution...

I dream.
Of the evolution of mankind into humankind.
When Love and Peace are not lofty goals, but basic tenets of LIFE itself.
A day when birth is not just an event, but an evocative phenomenon,
celebrated by everyone, and valued by all.
Dearly precious.
Cherished and Blessed.

-AMEN to that.
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