Saturday, 10 August 2013

Until I Breathe.... Lessons in Love ( Part II )

(Lessons... part I is on My ordinary everydays- here)

Yesterday, I watched a 2012 Indian Film at home after over nine months of very little TV viewing... I don't even remember the last recently released Hindi film I saw, before this one. Perhaps it was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in 2012...That one was a superb film too, and I loved it immensely.... but work, kids and life is such that we're not a family that goes to the movies unless its a kids' film on the weekend matinee show!
Somehow, its been this long. Occasionally, I watch old films online, or re-run my DVDs, collected over the years when my husband and kids visit my mum-in Law for a sleepover on weekends. Those are the times I can get some 'me' time, or read, listen to music when my work is done. Sometimes, I go to work for a long weekend Shift (I work most weekends) It was one such day yesterday... the kids had watched a film in our bed with me earlier that night and when they went to bed after their goodnight kisses, I settled down to watch one of the more recent films. Mind you, I use the term 'recent' here in a very subjective manner- it was 'recent' by my standards!

It turned out to be a wonderful surprise! An inspiring, enriching and honest film. ( I saw 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' yesterday. , for the first time)...Its an epic of love and passion- created by a man whose greatest love and passion was film-making. It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me go quiet for a whole day. Yash ji, God Bless your Soul... I was completely blown away by the film. Bearing in mind the situation we are in, as a family- (the endless loop of Social Workers and Counselling we both undertook as a couple to work on our ten-year marriage and parenthood issues, the film Jab Tak Hai Jaan was like a sign from God...
It taught me a few lessons that I had forgotten... Lessons I had observed and imbibed in my youth from my parents and their rock-solid marriage which was beautiful beyond description. Growing up in the shade of their love was like being in the warm embrace of my Ba as we call grandmothers in Gujarati. It was like resting my head in her cotton saree-clad lap as a child... like being in the shade of a huge banyan tree at CEPT after walking in from the heat of a blazing, scorching, hot Indian sun... Their love for each other and others in the family was like the paras mani or Philosopher's Stone which turns all those who come in contact with, into Pure Blissful blessedness. Growing up as their daughter I was secure and safe, and had the scope to learn and think, sense and gain insight into 'what makes a good marriage'....
 I laughed, I cried, and loved every moment of it! The main character, Major Samar Anand (played by Shah Rukh Khan) is easily one of the very best Indian film and TV Actors of all times, and he was amazing...he practically 'breathed' the part... He is, unarguably, well-deserving of his STAR status; not because he is SRK, but because his essence is still the simple boy from Delhi, who may be followed world-wide by millions of people, and mobbed and loved by many more, yet still has his feet firmly planted on terra-firma. (In my humble opinion, of course!)
The next night, after my chores were done and my children were asleep, I and my husband talked about the film and we made a home 'date' to watch the film on DVD in the near future, together.
The next night, while I was searching for songs from the YRF banner on youtube, I found something marvellous-Yash Chopra Ji's interview with SRK...
Having watched the film, I had realized that Mr Yash Chopra had passed away, at 80, shortly before the release of this film... I had gathered as much from the film being dedicated to him... a tribute to a father, mentor, guide, loving and simple person like yash ji

Be steadfast in your determination to reach your goal. The path may be hard, and the going rough, but you must have the courage of your convictions. Anything less, and you risk losing that 'vision'. It will simply exist as a 'phase' of your existence... you may exist, but you will not live fully and completely.

whether you want to work in a tiny village School or volunteer your able-bodied self to help those who are unwell in a Hospital, whether you are a Blood or organ Donor ( on the register,
Whether you want to be the best
Be Bold.
 Have the Courage of your convictions and what you set out to do or achieve is possibl
and stand up to your beliefs.

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