Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Reality Bites: INDIA TODAY- MARD (Part II)

Dear Farhan Akhtar and the MARD movement,

You're Men Against Rape and Discrimination,
did you know you've just taken on a gargantuan task of educating the population,

We live in a Metropolis of desire and plenty,
a country of God, a Land of Beauty,
we're run by greedy Leaders who couldn't care less for our Nation,
their sole aim is to win seats in the Lok Sabha Election...
they fatten their bellies whilst humanity is slain,
sucking the blood of the poor who live and die in vain

We all read about the big cities, some even live there...
we have Politicians adept at showcasing India's bumper bounty of beauty and diversity,
while hiding away the disturbing reality-
cities and towns that are morally poor
where riches and rags coexist like unborn twins...

We breathe in an age of connectivity and twitter,
yet hundreds of girls are denied a chance at a decent education
we boast of the latest iPhone 5s and the Delhi underground,
yet people live and die on our footpaths, of disillusioned, helpless deprivation...
and we still speak of INDIA EMERGING,
what a f#*%ing joke!!

There are some here in our Motherland,
who behave like something inhuman and grotesque,
A child loses her innocent trust of men,
by the vile acts of one individual...
In a country full of people who distribute Laddoos when boys are born,
and helpless mothers weep in fear and watch husbands or in-Laws sigh in frustration
when a little baby girl opens her eyes for the first time...

when some random male of the species begins to think he is God's gift to everyone,
where a girl-child or a woman is seriously assaulted, attacked and even beaten,
how and where do we start this crusade,
do we need Bob-the-builder to bulldoze the system
or shall we begin with an individual spade?!

We use technology to wipe out an unborn foetus
its only crime being it's an XX not an XY chromorome
we torture, bribe and beat our women into sumbissive creatures 
and turn them into dolled-up Barbie images
I have seen loud Men and boys wolf-whistle at their nascent sexuality- 
overlooking their earnestness to be free,
independent and respected...
and be treated as humans.

We have middle-aged men sporting their buff abs,
grins or smouldering gazes photographed to perfection,
we applaud and admire their grit, their sheer drive to look after their health and 'looks'
yet some people will watch Tennis to see if a woman player's skirt will ride up her well-toned body
as she lithely moves to earn our country a Commonwealth Gold medal......
We treat women like objects of sexuality; a condom, perhaps, or even worse....

Why such double standards??!! 
Where is the equality and diversity, the celebration of life and peace?? 
would they now dare to burn effigies of Ravanaa on Dussehra??
atleast he was far, far more virtuous than these men who violate and kill innocent children, animals and women?! 
In a country of Cow-worshippers, Ganga-bathers and Devi Maa-followers, thousands of women, girls and even children are Sexually assaulted, molested, sodomised and killed by sick inhuman bastards every year....sometimes, even our Gau Mata, the COW, worshipped as a mother isn't spared... two men, drunk to their eyeballs raped and stabbed this innocent animal (see here)...
Who can imagine the horrors that dwell in the mind of some sick people??! Its ironic, that in the land of Hinduism and Millennia of Knowledge where no animal could be more precious to Hindus the World over as a symbol of the Mother; giver, sustainer, nurturer and Krishna's beloved divine ward- an innocent animal, always docile and harmless can be attacked and abused in this grotesque manner...

"Krishna, nee be ganee.. baroo.." - Colonial Cousins sang in the '90s...
but I'm afraid, my Krishna is hiding somewhere... in the tearful eyes of an innocent childhood, destroyed.... weeping silent tears, pain and horror assail her tiny body... my krishna is alone, somewhere, waiting... as I wait for Him.

 A 5 year old little girl was kidnapped and raped, sodomised and left for dead in a Delhi flat last week... Her frantic parents ran from pillar to post, until, finally the police took notice and agreed to lodge and FIR... that night.
She was found two days later in a locked room under the stairs of her parents' apartment. Someone heard her little whimpers and tiny wails, and alerted the Police who found her barely alive.... As I read the news reports of the horrific signs of the brutality she lived through... enduring unimaginable Only kept alive by his will....As a mother of two little girls myself, this incident left my heart juddering uncontrollably every time I think of the innocent little child's ordeal... Her life, her innocence her future well-being are in tatters... all because of one sick, inhuman excuse of a male...
The Police first tried to stop the news spreading, then proceeded to fake a show of shameless outrage and sympathy. The ACP and his goons bully and slap young girls who dare to protest, try to silence the voices of thousands of Indians unified in protest as they demand change and reform.
Bala Krishna
The fat Netas with their white kurtas and Khadi jackets huddle together in the Parliament and shamelessly pass the buck, resulting in one faux pas after another... They pull grave faces and give lofty speeches and now trivialise the Malaise that afflicts our nation of Cow-worshippers and DEVI Puja devotees by saying this happens to hundreds of women all over India..... Is this the dream of Gandhi and Nehru!!? The Land of Rama and Maa Durga, Shiva and Vishnu!!
 As the little girl, who is my Krishna, fights for her life in the AIIMS, I pray to him, Lord of all beings... to look out for the innocent child- Bala Krishna..

All this, happened in INDIA...
My India...
On one hand she glows and beams with a dazzling splendour,
from the snow-capped mountains to the Indian Ocean lapping her feet reverentially in an image of her as our Mother: Bhaarat Mata Ki Jai...
As foreign tourists visit our country, some with backpacks and a goal: teaching and helping rebuild India, one-brick-at-a-time (I knew a girl, Rachael Grivas from Australia who was doing just that!!) others come to WED Indian Ishtyle (Katy Perry and her Ex, anyone!?) or Discover GOD'S OWN COUNTRY... or frolic in the sun and lie on the sands of Goa's beaches...
On another darker level, the spotless mega-cities that are on every government distributed pamphlet hide their underbelly of monstrous proportions even as young innocence is left in tatters  at the hands of those we trust- our men-folk: the SONS of India...The Authorities go pussyfooting  around the grave state of affairs, the seriousness of the disease that afflicts our society and our very identity as Indians...
If we cannot protect our children, what future, really, do we have??? Shocking figures show us how serious the extent of human rights violation  really is- in the first decade of the 21st Century, India has shocked us all...(please read all about it- here)- I can't even bring myself to say it but there has been an INCREASE of 336% in Child Rape Cases... many more are feared, because there may be hundreds of cases that go unreported... Ultimately, is THIS the India Veen Bhagat singh and his comrades died bravely for?? Was this Gandhiji and Sardar Patel's dream?? Do we just let it go back to what it was like; 'BUSINESS, AS USUAL' AS THEY SAY... or do we shout silently and protest non-violently?? There is immeasurable strength in numbers and each and every Indian has a duty to her or his Nation. not just the Soldiers and Navy, Air force and BSF Jawaans... EACH ONE OF US MUST STAND TOGETHER AND BE COUNTED.

Krishna.-serenely beautiful as the monsoon clouds

THANK YOU to MARD and you, Farhan, for being a CATALYST FOR CHANGE. Even though I'm not a M in the MARD (being a woman, daughter, wife,mother, sister, niece, and aunt!) I still would like to make MARD my WARD (Women Against Rape & discrimination) and protect, nurture and watch her grow...
my child, my little India- who hasn't even been born yet...

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