Thursday, 7 November 2013

It's Time now....

देर लगी लेकिन  
मैंने अब है जीना सीख लिया
जैसे भी हों दिन
मैंने अब है जीना सीख लिया
अब मैंने ये जाना है
ख़ुशी है क्या ग़म क्या
दोनों ही दो पल की है ऋतें
न ये ठहरें न रुकें,
ज़िन्दगी दो रंगों से बने
अब रुठें अब मनें
यही तो है यही तो है यहाँ
देर लगी लेकिन मैंने अब है जीना सीख लिया
आंसुओं के बिन मैंने अब है जीना सीख लिया
है कोई जो यह मुझसे कह गया
के कहाँ तू रह गया
ज़िन्दगी तो है जैसे कारवां
तू है तन्हा कब यहाँ
सभी तो हैं सभी तो हैं यहाँ

Translation: (in my own way...)

It took me a while, 
(to realise)
I have learnt to live now
no matter what kind of day
comes my way
I have learnt to live now....

I have now learnt
...and found the meaning in the words
just mere moments of life
...two different seasons,
they come and go
never stopping or halting...
LIFE is of two colours
sometimes a friend, sometimes not...
it is HERE
There now

It took me a while
but now I have learnt to live....
to LIVE...
without tears
I have learnt
to live now....

Then someone says to me
there you are!
HERE, you are......
(Why have you stopped!!?) 
Life is a journey...
It goes on...and on...
you're never
Everyone is here
every ONE is Here....

Postscript: Sometimes the realization that we are actually ALONE despite everyone around, dawns belatedly... For me, it came tiptoeing into my psyche. A chance phrase, a flippant comment... a 'I'm just joking...can't I joke??" retort when I was deeply hurt by it....all served to fill up the cup of joy. Or not.
Can life really change its course for the better if I accept the inevitable and make this jump!? Or am I too deep in, too far gone to make it out...??
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