Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rani turns a 'Sweet Oh - Six'

Rani at the age of 3
Rani, my baby...
Crept into this world on a cold february morning with a whirlgig labor that lasted just over  five hours.. Her Daddy stood by,holding my hand when she arrived.. almost painlessly...easily and a miracle happed to me again. The cool morning light, illuminated the labour room we were in, I almost fell asleep in the relaxed atmosphere, with the drifting-away feeling brought on by some sleepy 'Gas n Air' 
We took her home in the evening and big-sis gave her a hug....we revelled in her tinyness and made her warm and snug.. Rani, who always looked at everything, silently, with her big, beautiful eyes and her luscious curls... Rani; always an angeic baby who grew silently watching.., learning, ...following big sis as most second kids do...She loves beyond measure, lives without restraint,and passes on her infectious love of life, 
Rani.. the no-trouble kid, Rani, the giver-of-hugs and kisses. When I'm down, she's a symathetic,  sweet and understanding little daughter,
Rani the articulate, the soft-spoken...the affectionate hugger and distracted thumb-sucker!

sigh, SHE's now SIX..
We play with the Toy Library 'Shopping -Till", in Summer, 2010

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