Friday, 30 December 2011

Does your four-year-old do THIS....!?

1) Unravel the toilet paper when 'on the job', to see how long it is??
2) Push your mobile-phone into an old wellington boot in the store room, leaving you frantically searching for it later as she looks on, amused??
3) Poke and prod the baby's face, when you're trying to get a capture-these-moments kind of video of her with your new(born) baby....?
4) Go limp and dare you to drag her around, screaming, because you won't buy her a chocolate bar from the till when you're low on spare cash?!
4) Eat her dinner quietly, sharing the table with her toddler sis in her high chair, UNTIL you:
a) attend to a phone call.
b) nip into the loo.
c) answer the doorbell. which point, as if taken over by 'dark forces' beyond her control, she:
a)swats her baby sister on the head,
b)snatches her sister's food, leaving her bawling loudly,
c) tries to rock her in the high chair,
while she laughs at your gesticulations from the phone/door/yells from the loo...??
....mine did,
and now that she's seven-and-a-bit-more,
I'm not quite sure,
if she's grown out if it,

Sometimes, on a trip into town, the only way to keep them from slapping each other's hand and feet, or snatching toys or a treat, having 'scream-fests' and generally being pests would be to hand them a biscuit each,
or promise a lovely time 'when we reach'...
Once, on a well-planned trip to the zoo many moons ago, we turned into the parking lot-my toddler crunching on a packet of 'wotsits', tyres crunching up the gravel underneath... At the time, one of them was two and the other was eight months old. As we unhooked the buggy and strapped our toddler in, I saw a tantrum coming, and her Daddy took over.... it turned out to be a memorable day for the simple reason that we video-taped the entire day, the younger one in a sling across my back and the older one walking around holding her Daddy's hand... She was mildly amused by the big tiger, and gazed up at the tall giraffes and seemed unable to look beyond the tall fences at the procession of elephants ambling around in their park-like enclosure.The majestic African lions were conspicuous by their absence, although the sign near the 'lookout point' said there were around nine of them in there, on the acres of land fenced-off for their exclusive abode. As we strained to listen to a tell-tale roar, we heard nothing at all.
The wallabies, hares and penguins made her eyes dance with excitement, and the Owl and the snakes fascinated her, especially the big, tawny Barn Owl that was the most impressive of the lot!

It was a long day, probably mentally tiring for the kids, if not physically; the buggy and the sling were a good idea, I guess! Even now, more than five years on, they both look at the video-recording of the day and exclaim excitedly and laugh infectiously!

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