Thursday, 10 November 2011

Random Shots....

...It was a cloudy but bright day yesterday, slightly colder than usual, yet definitely retaining the 'zing' of freshness I had felt that morning, cycling back from work....
 After a day spent shepherding the tots to school, reading with little Darren Riddle and getting back home to crash into bed, I had just woken up and taken a shower around afternoon.
Now here I was, walking around Lewsey on my way to pick up Shivangi and Rani from school, delightfully early, for a nice change!! While listening to my Phillips MP4 player, I was mesmerized by the beauty and freshness all around...Up Purcell Road I went and the rain-washed trees looked smartly dressed, despite the yellowing of their autumn leaves leaving most of their branches bare...
Then, on an impulse, I fished out my Nokia X6 phone and went shutter-happy, trying to find patterns, colours, sights and vistas...
Here are some of all of those!

This tree is something of an overgrown shrub, in a wilderness-style garden in our neighbourhood.. The soil is chalk and lime, but the sloping terrain ensures good drainage and hence its thriving beauty!

My brother and Dad can accurately tell me what kind of clouds these are... my guess is cirrus... what remains to be seen is if I'm right!



This tree is one of my winter favourites- leafless it may be, but its still beautiful!!... so quintessentially British!!

Reminds me of trees in old renderings in books at SID..
...and Kireet Sir telling our batch as we pored over Arcitectural Renderings   ..." PLEASE draw Indian Trees when you do your renderings, do not copy from the books featuring Maples, birches or Cherries!!" 

 Ivy on a fence!!

Feather-edged fencing; graffiti NOT included!!

now you see 'em... you don't!!

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