Thursday, 10 November 2011

Being Food-wise and Fancy-free!

I made Prachi's shared recipe of Pasta Salad yesterday, and even my Raj, who is otherwise super calorie-conscious was tempted to try my fare which was quite healthy, given the low-fat mayo and smidgen of olive-oil I used...
Here's the picto -recipe, for foodies who like to go their own way, with less fuss and more 'Ooh La La!!'

Cut up your salad; you can have batons, buttons or dices!

Boil the Penne until cooked Al- Dente
Top with grated cheese whilst warm; it will make the cheese go nice 'n' gooey!

Ummm, don't forget the black olives, and Mediterranean herbs 

Dress with any/all of these- Mayo, lime juice, olive oil !! 

Finish with Sea-salt, pepper and more cheese.

Wash you hands and toss everything around in a bowl!!

Or better still, get your kids to do it for you as you lay the table!! Trust me, their hoots of joyous laughter will reverberate long after the meal is over!!

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